Shroud started playing CSGO when a friend send it to him as a gift on steam, it was during that time he started doing stunning play and doing most ridiculous 4ks and 5ks, during that time he casually post those insane kills in reddit which get more views and eventually climbing on top that's the time he was known as the king of reddit.

Eventually his skills was seen by Exertus eSports and invited him to be in the team and it didn't take too much for his career to grow as he was invited to join in Manajuma in 2013. He made his lan debut with Cloud 9 in 2015 at ESAL ESEA Pro League North America Season 1 and they won the NA bracket and then finished second to Fnatic in the international finals making C9 as the best team in North America. His aim is pure and precise he was born to play and dominate any FPS games.

Shroud CSGO Settings

Mouse Settings
DPI 450
Sensitivity 2.40
eDPI 1080
HZ 1000
Zoom Sensitivity 1.00
Mouse Accel 0
Windows Sens 6
Raw input 1
Video Settings
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
HZ 240