Release on March 2017 Shroud begun streaming this EPIC game it was this time he started to develop and idea of being a full-time streamer carrer a try which eventually a month later in August 2017 he stepped down on his Pro career and started streaming PUBG which he enjoy so much and the passion to compete is not anymore an option. On that year PUBG became the most played game and became one of the most popular streamer who showcase his insane aim that makes people think that he's cheating because of his precise aim which make him dominate every game in the tournament he joined.

His dedication and passion on the game makes him grow as he continuously makes more insane gameplay and ridiculous shots that makes him one of the kind in this category, nonetheless he is the best PlayerUnknown's BattleGround player on the planet.

Shroud PUBG Settings

Graphics Settings
Resolution 1920 x 1080
FpsCameraFov 102
Brightness 74
Anti-Aliasing High
Mouse Settings
DPI 400
HZ 500
Windows Sens 6
Invert Mouse No
General Sens 56
Vehicle Sens 55
Targeting Sens 55
Scoping Sens 50
Scope2X / 4x Sens 50
Scope8X / 15x Sens 47
Nvidia Settings
Digital vibrance 66%